Car Rental

You need a vehicle?


Scooter Rental

A Scooter is an ideal vehicle to avoid city traffic.


Some of Our Offers

Vehicles Group D

1-3 days 1000 HRK / 135€
4-7 days 900 HRK / 121€
+8 days 800 HRK / 108€

Vehicles Group E

1-3 days 1180 HRK / 160€
4-7 days 1050 HRK / 142€
+8 days 920 HRK / 125€

Piaggio Fly 50 2T

24 hours = 150 HRK / 20€
3 days 400 HRK / 54€
7 days 750 HRK / 100€

MAXI Scooter

24 hours = 150 HRK / 20€
3 days 400 HRK / 54€
7 days 750 HRK / 100€

Car and Scooter Rental Advantages

The option of renting a vehicle or a scooter is all the more sought after. At affordable prices you can now travel from one location to another and visit many places and sights.

If you have not already rented a vehicle, we have prepared some rental advantages for you.

Car Rental

Freedom of Movement

While enjoying your vacation, you do not want to bother with public transport prices. You want to explore, go sightseeing and fully enjoy your vacation.


Because of the competition between companies renting vehicles or scooters, you can find great deals and a wide range of vehicles on offer.


Renting a vehicle or scooter allows you to visit distant places which is much harder to achieve by using a Taxi or public transport. Certain places are difficult to reach by public transport such as a bus. With most vehicles you do not have to worry about carrying your luggage in the bus or waiting for a Taxi and extra luggage pricing.


With a car or scooter you do not have to worry about insurance, parking, regular service, tires … You pay less for a rented car then you would owning one. Though it sometimes makes it look expensive to rent a vehicle, it is ultimately much more cost-effective.